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Lawyer Tian Xueyi

SOURCE: TIME:2018-09-06

Tian Xueyi, lawyer, master of law, TEM-8. Tian Xueyi has profound theoretical foundation and rich experience in legal practice, especially in contract disputes, corporate governance, equity acquisition, international trade, maritime business, foreign investment, international financing, foreign merger and acquisition, foreign litigation and arbitration.

In terms of international trade legal affairs, Tian Xueyi is familiar with all aspects of international trade, such as contract negotiation, customs, commodity inspection, international transportation, cargo insurance, letter of credit, etc., and has rich experience in preventing international trade settlement, transportation, insurance and other risks. Be familiar with international trade anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other related legal affairs, and have rich practical experience in representing Chinese enterprises in responding to anti-dumping, countervailing or assisting foreign enterprises in responding to China's anti-dumping and countervailing investigations.

In maritime legal affairs, Tian Xueyi is familiar with maritime legal knowledge, and is proficient in freight forwarding, maritime transportation, delivery without bills of lading, ship management, marine insurance and other fields. He has a profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience in the agency of difficult and complex cases such as general average apportionment, ship collision, insurance claims and maritime claims.

In terms of corporate legal affairs, Tian Xueyi has participated in corporate bond issuance, corporate restructuring, asset restructuring, establishment and operation of foreign-funded enterprises, foreign investment, international financing, corporate mergers and acquisitions, private equity funds and other related legal services for many foreign trade, shipping, logistics, insurance companies and foreign-funded enterprises for many years as legal counsel or special law Consultant, timely judge the legal risks faced by the company in the process of operation and management, and make effective prevention and control.

In the legal affairs of litigation and arbitration, Tian Xueyi represented a large number of civil and commercial cases such as contract disputes, equity disputes, international trade, maritime affairs, foreign divorce, foreign inheritance, etc., and successfully handled various cases of negotiation, mediation, litigation or arbitration for many times. Over the years, Tian Xueyi has been actively involved in the above business areas and accumulated rich practical experience. At the same time, Tian Xueyi is always responsible for every case, and tries his best to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the maximum extent, which has been unanimously recognized and praised by the parties.

Purpose of practice: patience, carefulness, responsibility and attentive service

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