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The team of international trade lawyers has accumulated full practical experience in international trade litigation, international commercial arbitration, international trade fraud, letter of credit, overseas debt collection and other related fields. We represent our clients to participate in litigation, arbitration and non litigation dispute settlement, foreign trade negotiations, etc. in the above-mentioned international trade cases, and enjoy a high reputation and wide recognition in these fields.

Draft and review foreign trade contract

In the international trade business, many foreign trade enterprises adopt the simple contract text, or even do not sign the written contract, which leads to the dispute that once occurs, their legitimate rights and interests are difficult to be protected. Lawyers can draft and review contract texts for clients, make clear and specific agreements on important contents such as payment, delivery, transportation, insurance, quality standards, liability for breach of contract, dispute resolution, applicable laws, etc., and help clients avoid legal risks as much as possible.

Foreign trade agency dispute

Most of the import and export of goods are carried out through foreign trade agency companies. Import and export enterprises have established agency relations with foreign trade companies, while agents handle almost all import and export procedures on behalf of them, sometimes even pay or collect payment for goods, advance relevant fees, etc. In the process of cooperation, both parties are prone to dispute due to improper settlement of funds and agency behavior.

Supply contract dispute

After many foreign trade enterprises obtain orders, they will send them to domestic manufacturing enterprises, and then produce and export them. In this process, it is easy to have disputes such as delivery delay, unqualified quality and payment in arrears.

Payment disputes such as letter of credit

The settlement of L / C and collection used in foreign trade involves banks at home and abroad. In this process, banks are prone to have payment disputes with related business partners such as the applicant, beneficiary and other banks. The lawyer is familiar with UCP600, uniform rules for collection and other international practices, and has rich practical experience in handling related cases.

Quality dispute of import and export goods

Disputes over the quality of goods are common disputes in international sales of goods. The buyer bears the main burden of proof for such disputes. It is necessary to prove that the goods are from the seller and the goods violate the quality standards. The lawyer has accumulated rich experience in such disputes, and can assist the customer in preparing what kind of transaction documents, how to conduct quality inspection, collecting and fixing evidences, and Necessary negotiations, negotiations, etc.

Cases of international trade fraud

Fraud in the field of foreign trade is very common, which has brought a lot of losses to many enterprises, and because of its concealment and international nature, once it is successful, the losses are difficult to recover. It can help foreign trade enterprises to strengthen business management, understand the knowledge of fraud prevention, identify common fraud techniques and enhance the risk awareness of fraud prevention. In addition, assist enterprises to report cases to competent public security organs, including overseas police organs, after fraud cases do occur.


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