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The maritime lawyer team is mainly engaged in international shipping, port management, ship transportation management, general average handling, marine insurance claims, ship mortgage and other legal affairs, especially with rich experience in litigation and non litigation business of transnational maritime merchants. With good professional ability and social background, it has provided fruitful and high-quality maritime affairs for many customers at home and abroad Volume of service.

Our specific services include but are not limited to: acting as an agent for major shipping companies at home and abroad, shipowner's Insurance and indemnity association, insurance companies and shipyards to participate in various maritime litigation disputes, including but not limited to maritime cargo transportation, bill of lading, charter party, marine insurance, ship collision, fire, maritime rescue, ship towing, wreck cleaning, general average, crew injury Death, etc. It mainly includes the following legal services:

maritime trade case

Legal services of ship agent and freight agent;

Acting for the disputes of B / L such as loss of goods, damage and delivery without bill of lading in maritime transportation;

Acting for disputes arising from bareboat charter, time charter, voyage charter and B / L transportation;

Acting as an agent for disputes in ship building, ship repair, ship financing and ship trading;

Acting as an agent for contract disputes or insurance claims under or in connection with marine insurance contracts;

Acting as an agent for the labor, labor disputes and industrial injury compensation disputes of the crew.

maritime case

Acting as an agent for disputes over maritime accidents and port accidents such as collision, oil leakage, damage to Mariculture, casualties, etc;

Acting as an agent for disputes over marine pollution and decontamination, salvage, towage and salvage of sunken ships, general average, etc;

Acting as an agent for disputes over illegal detention of ships, goods on board, ship materials, fuel oil, spare parts, etc;

Provide legal services in maritime evidence preservation, ship seizure, cargo seizure, fuel oil, property preservation, etc.

Non litigation business

Legal services for ship financing and container financing;

Perennial legal counsel for shipping enterprises, ship building enterprises, logistics enterprises, trade enterprises, port and shipping enterprises, etc.


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