Overseas investment

Merger and acquisition is one of the core business areas. Lawyers have rich professional experience in mergers and acquisitions of various businesses, including those involving listed companies or private enterprises, domestic enterprises or international companies. We have provided legal services for multinational companies, listed companies, large state-owned enterprises and professional investment institutions on asset acquisition, strategic investment and holding investment in regional enterprises and large enterprise groups. We have participated in international and domestic multilateral M & A transactions as project coordinator or legal adviser for many times. In these successful transactions, we have demonstrated rich experience in practice, a deep understanding of China's legal and regulatory environment, a comprehensive knowledge of Taxation, finance and business, a deep understanding of customer needs and a comprehensive ability to always find solutions. Legal services for acquisition and merger include:

Industrial access policy, transaction structure design, tax planning and transaction related matters consultation;

Legal due diligence, drafting and negotiation of transaction documents;

Provide legal opinions on matters to be approved by the exchange;

Issue legal opinions as required by customers or regulatory authorities;

Provide suggestions for the integration of pre closing, transition and post closing transactions;

Provide suggestions for antitrust declaration.

foreign direct investment 

Lawyers have accumulated rich experience in assisting multinational enterprises in formulating foreign investment strategies. We help international clients set up offices, wholly foreign-owned enterprises and various forms of joint ventures in China, and provide all-round legal advisory services for international enterprises in all stages of inbound investment.

Our foreign lawyer team has excellent bilingual ability. Many lawyers have working experience in legal department or international law firm of large international companies. Combined with excellent local professional knowledge, resources and skills, the inbound investment consulting services provided by foreign lawyers can reduce transaction costs to the greatest extent for customers, while meeting the standards, value requirements and expectations of international customers for investment legal services. Legal services for foreign investment include:

Industry access policy, foreign exchange control, tax, labor and social insurance consulting;

Import and export commodity inspection, customs supervision and environmental protection supervision consultation;

The establishment of wholly-owned foreign subsidiaries and representative offices, and the establishment of regional headquarters of multinational companies;

Business negotiation and establishment of Sino foreign joint ventures and cooperative ventures;

Capital change, domestic financing or cross-border financing of foreign-funded enterprises;

Division, merger, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises


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