Economic contract

Relevant legal services of the banking financial business professional team focus on providing legal services for banking loans, financial financing, private lending and other related industries. The main clients include commercial banks, trust companies, asset management companies, insurance companies, small loan companies, insurance companies, pawnbrokers, private lending intermediaries, private investment and financing enterprises, third-party payments Payment, private equity investment and other fields.

1. Provide legal consultation in time by telephone, fax, email, MSN, QQ and appointment;

2. Assist the company to establish and improve various systems to prevent and resolve legal risks;

3. Provide the latest information of foreign investment laws and regulations and foreign investment related information in a timely manner;

4. Attend or preside over shareholders' meeting or board meeting on behalf of the company upon invitation;

5. Draft and set up labor contracts and employee manuals to avoid labor disputes;

6. Draft, review, modify agreements, contracts, articles of association, confidentiality agreements, non competition agreements and other legal documents;

7. Attend all kinds of negotiations on behalf of the company upon invitation;

8. Coordinate the relationship between the company and relevant government departments;

9. Issue lawyer's letter, legal opinion and handle lawyer's witness;

10. Accept the outsourcing service of the company's legal department, send resident lawyers, and build a legal department with the company;

11. Acting as an agent for company litigation and arbitration;

12. Credit investigation, lawyer due diligence and handling non litigation legal affairs;

13. Perennial legal advisory services (including the above services);

14. Special legal advisory services (service content to be determined through consultation).

15. Incorporation, registration, registration and legal services

16. Draft articles of association, shareholders' agreement, entrusted investment agreement, registered shareholders' agreement and other legal documents;

16. Legal services for equity transfer, equity investment, land use right and intellectual property investment;

17. Foreign investment consultant;

18. Training on foreign investment, company law, contract law, labor law and intellectual property law;

19. Attend major meetings and provide on-site legal consultation as required by customers;

20. Sign and issue lawyer's letter in the name of legal counsel according to the needs of the client;

21. To intervene in various investment activities of the company in advance and provide relevant legal services according to the needs of the consultant;

22. Participate in the negotiation of major economic projects of the consultant and provide legal opinions;

23. Legal services for the protection of trademark right, patent right, copyright, trade secret and exclusive business right;

25. Collection of creditor's rights.


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